Compression Fitting

Your health, and active lifestyle depends on your comfort and energy level. Compression therapy garments, designed to reduce swelling and improve circulation provide support throughout your daily activities. At Klein’s, our fitting specialists will help you find the perfect compression garments for your needs, getting you back to the better things in life. 

At Klein's Medical we carry a large variety of compression socks, sleeves and hosiery,  all from the industry’s leading providers. Our specialists are on site to help you choose the best products for you and your lifestyle. 

Compression garments provide support for a number of medical conditions, as well as throughout your pregnancy or for athletic training. 

  • Lymphedema: Compression garments will provide external pressure to assist lymph drainage and prevent additional swelling in many cases. 
  • Diabetes: Compression garments improve circulation provide the right amount of pressure in your feet and legs. 
  • Post-Mastectomy: Due to a compromised lymphatic system, wearing compression garments post-mastectomy can help reduce swelling due to lymphedema. 
  • Pregnancy: During pregnancy, wearing compression garments can provide external support to the veins and control leg and ankle swelling. 
  • Athletes: Graduated compression therapy increases blood circulation which can improve muscle recovery and minimize aches and cramping. 

For more info, visit Klein's Medical in Cuyahoga Falls or schedule a fitting.

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