Diabetic Shoes & Orthopedics

Proper foot care is an important part of your health. Foot problems stemming from diabetes and other health issues can lead multiple long-term problems and discomfort. 

A properly fitted shoe and orthopedics molded specifically to you can help prevent injury and other foot complications such as ulcers and sores, allowing you to lead an independent, active lifestyle. 

Klein’s Medical carries a variety of inserts and shoes to meet your style and fit needs.

For diabetics, it is recommended that special shoes should be worn. These shoes provide extended comfort, healthy blood flow and increased foot health. 

Diabetic footwear must contain specific features such as:

  • wide toe box
  • removable insoles
  • rocker soles to reduce pain 
  • firm heels 

With extra space within the shoe, there is more support and stability for the lower limbs. Our trained fitting specialists will work with you to determine which shoes will provide you with right support, best comfort and desired style. 

For more info, visit Klein's Medical in Cuyahoga Falls or schedule a fitting.

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