Health Tips

How to Prevent Falls Among the Elderly

Nov 29, 2017
Exercise may help prevent falls among elderly people, according to a new study. A leading cause of injury in elderly adults, falls pose a serious health threat. But this new study found that safe exercise or exercise in combination with...

New Food Allergies: Not Just for Kids

Nov 29, 2017
Many new food allergies may develop during adulthood, a new study found. This research also revealed that adult-onset food allergies appear to be becoming more common. Just under half of adults in this study who had food allergies said...

How to Prevent Children's Lead Exposure

Nov 22, 2017
As health officials in various states attempt to tackle the problem of children's lead exposure, parents' awareness is becoming more important than ever. When children are exposed to lead, their health is put at risk. But a little...

Medications and Driving: Safety First

Nov 15, 2017
Many people were not aware that their prescription drugs could impair their ability to drive safely, a new study found. And that could pose significant dangers to these patients and other drivers, according to the study authors. Many types...

A Healthy Reason to Love Your Dog

Nov 08, 2017
Your dog may benefit your child's health, according to two new studies. One new study found that babies whose mothers had a dog while pregnant may have increased protection from allergic eczema. The other new study found that children who...

Gestational Diabetes and Your Heart

Oct 25, 2017
Pregnant women who experience gestational diabetes may have an increased risk of heart disease later on, a new study found. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle may reduce this raised risk of heart disease, according to the researchers...