Health Tips

When the Weather Outside Is Frightful

Nov 11, 2018
Few things stick in a child’s memory more than a perfect snow day. To ensure these winter play days aren't tainted by injury or illness, parents should be aware of the dangers tied to the coldest time of the year. The American Academy of...

Medication Myths Debunked

Nov 08, 2018
You might have heard some old wives' tales about medications over the years. Did the myths you have heard make our list? Myth: Natural medications are safer than prescriptions Natural supplements may seem like a safer alternative to...

Medications and Behind-the-Wheel Safety

Oct 31, 2018
Many people are not aware that their prescription drugs can impair their ability to drive safely. Unfortunately, this lack of awareness can be dangerous on the road. Several types of medications can impair patients' ability to drive. These...

Unplug Before You Tuck In

Oct 30, 2018
Americans may be getting less sleep than they have in previous years, and it might be because of smartphones. Data from a 2015 survey found that 57.8 percent of middle school students and 72.7 percent of high school students did not get...

Flu Myths Debunked

Oct 26, 2018
Myths about the flu shot are widespread, and these misconceptions often cause people to opt out of this important vaccine. It's time to learn the truth about some common flu misconceptions. Below, we've broken down and explained four...

Gout Explained

Oct 23, 2018
Once called the "disease of kings," gout is marked by tenderness, redness and pain in joints — mainly in the big toe. Read on for some helpful tips to prevent gout flare-ups. Gout is a type of inflammatory arthritis caused by excess uric...