Orthotic Fitting

"One size fits all" is a myth best left to bad vacation t-shirts. When it comes to orthotic devices such as back braces or joint stabilizers, an exact fit is essential to its proper function. An ill-fitted orthosis can actually do more harm than good, so be sure to consult a certified orthotic fitter.

The certified orthotic fitters at Klein’s Medical know how to give you the most mobility possible while restricting certain movements that will cause pain or discomfort or impede your healing process. Orthotics also need to be evaluated regularly by a certified orthotic fitter, especially if you experience weight gain or loss or swelling or contraction after you have been fitted.

Our certified orthotic fitters will also teach you how to use your orthotic properly, including how to put it on and take it off, as well as how to move around and perform common tasks.

For more info, visit Klein's Medical in Cuyahoga Falls or schedule a fitting.

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