AssureMed For Facilities

Do you manage a healthcare facility or administer medications to multiple patients? Do you want to improve your patients’ quality of life through easier, safer packaging options for their medications?

  • We can help you manage multiple patients at the same time using our AssureMed Packs. We give facilities the option to choose either our multidose AssureMed Packs or single dose options.
  • With AssureMed Solutions, we help enhance health outcomes for your patients by improving their medication adherence.
  • In conjunction with our team of pharmacists and automated technology, we can safely provide medications for numerous patients. We’ll even help you provide for them by printing and providing you with Medication Administration Records and Physicians Orders.
  • AssureMed Solutions is a perfect solution for all types of care environments, including adult daycare, group homes, domiciliary care homes, and homes for the developmentally challenged.

How Klein’s AssureMed Solutions works:

  • We separate medications by medication and time of day in a portable, convenient pack.
  • Our packaging includes an organized grid of all medications, descriptions, and important information about each medication.
  • Medications are labeled by morning, noon, evening, and bedtime symbols, minimizing risks associated with taking medications at the wrong time of day.
  • Our automated technology uses barcode verification to ensure the correct medications are placed in the appropriate packaging slots. Our team of pharmacists reviews patient profiles and medication history to assure accuracy.

Ready to simplify your patients’ medication routines? Give us a call at (330) 926-5941 to learn more. Let’s talk.