AssureMed Solutions

AssureMed Solutions

If you are taking a prescription medication, it’s critical to take it as directed by your physician, which includes not skipping doses because you forgot to refill it or don't remember when you are supposed to take them.

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Klein’s AssureMed Solutions, our patented medication adherence packaging system, makes it easy for you to stay on track with your regimen.

A better way to take medication

  • No more fumbling with prescription bottles or sorting your medication into tiny pill boxes t
  • Medications are organized by day and time of day into a convenient, portable blister package 
  • Minimizes the confusion and risk associated with taking multiple medications and virtually eliminates medication errors
  • Medications, both prescribed and over-the-counter, are placed in the packets
  • Portions may also be detached to allow for the ultimate in convenience and portability without the need for additional handling
  • Multi-dose packaging systems for up to a thirty-day supply of medication
  • Free delivery within Summit County, Ohio




We can help your facility manage multiple patients at the same time using our Medication Administration Records and Physician Orders.

We help improve health outcomes for your medically challenging patients by improving their medication adherence.

With automated technology we can safely handle more patients than ever before.

Our staff members receive certification from PCCA and adhere to newest quality and safety regulations using state of the art equipment.

You will be able to choose the packaging option that works for your facility based on your needs.


We have built lasting relationships with local providers by improving the quality of life of patients by providing an easier, safer packaging option for their medications — allowing them to be more adherent.

With AssureMed Solutions, we work closely with you and your patient to determine the best medication schedule.

We help improve health outcomes for your most medically-challenging patients.

AssureMed Solutions is a perfect solution for all types of care environments, including assisted living facilities, adult day care, group homes, domiciliary care homes, hospice care centers and homes for the developmentally challenged.