Health Tips

Spenco Orthotic Sandals

Dec 01, 2011
Spenco orthotic sandals are fashionable and offer several benefits for happy and healthy feet! These sandals are a must have for Men and Women of all ages and are designed to offer total foot support to provide motion control. Spenco...

Oh, my aching joints!

Nov 09, 2011
With middle age often comes an all too familiar visitor. Marked by the gradual loss of cartilage, osteoarthritis can show up in many joints – from keyboard-typing fingers to tennis-twisting knees. Over time, it can cause swollen, aching,...

Flu Shots

Sep 20, 2011
Seasonal Influenza more commonly known as the “Flu” is a seasonal virus that infects the respiratory tract (i.e. nose, throat and lungs). In the United States on average 5%-20% of the population are infected with the Flu every year and can...

Sun Safety

Jul 12, 2011
The Dangers of Tanning – Indoors or Outdoors   Ever been mistaken for Casper the Friendly Ghost? Even if you're not quite that white, you might still value a nice tan. Many people think a little color gives them a healthier –maybe even...

Mastectomy Products and Insurance Coverage

Apr 22, 2011
Klein’s Orthopedic and Medical Equipment has a large selection of Mastectomy products and accessories available at both of our convenient locations in Akron and Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. There are four (4) Certified Mastectomy Fitters within...

Compression Therapy for Everyone!

Mar 25, 2011
Most people think that compression therapy is only beneficial for people who suffer from various venous diseases but that is not the case at all; Compression therapy is often used as a prevention treatment because of it’s graduated...