Continued Feedback Improves Customer Experience

Mar 16, 2017

We use your feedback to improve your pharmacy experience. We recently contributed to an article from ModernMedicine. Read the snippet below:

Barry Klein, RpH, MS Pharmacy Management President of Klein’s Pharmacy and Medical Equipment Company in Akron and Cuyahoga Falls, OH, said in an interview that he is always looking to improve customer satisfaction in his stores because “customer satisfaction is so important to any retail business.”

The biggest driver in increasing customer satisfaction for Klein was his staff members being more aware of customer satisfaction levels. “The most important thing for the staff is that customer service is always being monitored” he said. He stressed that because the staff members knew that customer satisfaction was being constantly monitored, they were more focused on providing an excellent customer experience. He said that if any of his stores drop below 90% satisfaction, the manager of that store is responsible for looking into what went wrong that week and what can be improved.

He says that the data is valuable because it allows his staff and managers to track it down to days or even hours to pinpoint what needs to be improved at very specific times. He added that it was because of the anonymity of the feedback terminal that he received enough responses to make the data valuable.

However, as Dizon stressed, a customer-first attitude does not imply an employee-last attitude. Rather, “employee satisfaction goes hand-in-hand with customer satisfaction.” This is true regardless of profession.

“Engaged employees create engaged customers,” Rhett Majoria, RPh, Co-owner and Chief Pharmacist of the Majoria Drugs chain in Louisiana said. “At the store level, the presence of feedback terminals made everyone more aware of their interactions with customers, especially since we post the weekly results on our staff board and discuss results in our meetings. Also, any time we hit 100% in customer satisfaction, we email the staff and it serves as a ‘great job’ dopamine hit!”

Klein echoed this sentiment as well. He started a competition with his stores to see which store could achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction, and once a quarter the highest store wins a prize, like choosing a place to all go out together.


Your contiued feedback and reviews allow us to become a better pharmacy. You can complete a Customer Satisfaction Survey right on our site!