Diabetic Foot care

Mar 15, 2011

Did you know that Medicare and most other insurance plans may pay for one (1) pair of therapeutic shoes and up to three (3) pairs of multiple density insoles per year for those with diabetes?

Proper foot care is important for everyone to be aware of but it is especially important for diabetic patients. Diabetes may cause other conditions such as neuropathy, poor circulation as well as changes in the size and shape of the feet.

Neuropathy means that the nerves in the feet have been damaged and as a result can cause numbness of the feet. A diabetic patient with neuropathy needs to be especially concerned about foot care because they could sustain a foot injury and not even be aware of it. Even conditions as simple as a blister or a callus have the potential to cause a breakdown of the skin which can lead to infection if not properly treated. Infections in a diabetic foot can be extremely difficult to treat due to the lack of circulation and possibly lead to amputation. 

The most important things a diabetic patient with neuropathy can do are daily visual foot inspections and wearing only properly fitted shoes. Therapeutic shoes have been available for patients with diabetes for many years. They are made with a wider toe box to avoid rubbing on the sides of the feet and toes which can cause irritation, extra depth to avoid rubbing on the top of the toes, have room for properly fitted multiple density insoles and are available in full sizes and half sizes. Proper multiple density insoles become extremely important as changes of the size and shape of the foot take place. They can either be heat molded to ensure full contact with the foot or a mold can be taken of the foot and the insoles custom made. Diabetic slippers are another great item to have to ensure proper foot care. Diabetic slippers are designed for optimal comfort and the multiple density insoles are interchangeable between your shoes and your slippers affording proper foot support all day long.

If you or someone you know could benefit from Therapeutic shoes and/or multiple density insoles, please contact your health care provider today.