Happy New Year from Klein's Pharmacy!

Jan 11, 2013

Revelry and resolutions have been essential to ringing in the New Year since 2000 B.C. when Babylonians held semi-annual festivals around the spring and autumn equinoxes. Back then, people marked the beginning of a New Year by paying off debts and returning borrowed goods. The practice carried over into Roman times with worshippers offering resolutions of good conduct to a double-faced deity named Janus, the god of beginnings and endings. When the Roman calendar was reformed, the first month of the year was renamed January in honor of Janus, establishing January 1 as the day of new beginnings.

What resolution will you pick for your New Year? Our hope is for you to choose something that will have a positive impact on yourself and others. We all can remember to smile one extra time a day, do something to be proud of once a day or listen better every day. These are small changes that can have dramatic differences for yourself and for those around you. This year let’s all give it a try!

Klein’s Pharmacy Staff wishes everyone a Happy, Safe and Healthy New Year!