Available Vaccines

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Klein’s Pharmacy believes in the power of vaccines. Our pharmacists are specially trained to administer vaccines and our pharmacy provides a private, safe, and sterile environment.

Call the pharmacy at (330) 929-9183 with any questions, click here to schedule an appointment or walk in today! Let’s talk!

We administer the following vaccines:

  • Covid-19 Vaccine and boosters
  • The Flu Shot (Flucelvax, Fluad High Dose)
    • Eligible for people 9 years or older or ages 7-8 with prescription
    • High-dose vaccine available for those age 65+
    • All vaccines are egg-free
  • Shingles (Shingrix)
    • Eligible for people 50 years or older (and those age 18 and older with weakened immune systems)
    • Two doses two to six months apart
  • Pneumonia (Prevnar-20, Pneumovaxx-23)
    • Eligible for people 65 years or older and age 18-64 year-olds with underlying health conditions (diabetes, alcoholism, heart/liver/lung disease, kidney failure, cigarette smoking, cancer, weakened immune system)
  • Tetanus/Whooping cough (Boostrix)
    • Eligible for people 13 years or older
    • 1 Dose every 10 years or for new parents, guardians, and relatives
  • Hepatitis A/B (Engerix-B, Vaqta, Twinrix) *
    • Eligible for people 13 years or older
  • Meningitis *
    • Eligible for students 13 to 18 years old and college students planning to live in dorms or apartments
  • HPV (Gardasil-9)*
    • Eligible for those ages 13 and up

*Call store to check availability

Pediatric (7-18) Adult

We also provide on-site clinic services – contact the pharmacy at 330-929-9183 for more information and to set up a clinic!