COVID-19 Testing

Summit County is among the top ten Ohio counties with the highest number of positive Coronavirus cases. We understand that our community’s well-being is reliant upon proper testing; that’s why we’re offering drive-up nasal testing for COVID-19. Administered by our pharmacists, our tests provide results in 3-5 business days.

We provide the tests from the comfort of your car, meaning there’s no need to ever leave your car for the test! We know your time is valuable and to ensure proper social distancing, privacy, and space in our parking lot, curbside tests are by appointment only.

We are following health and safety protocols from the CDC by administering the test in full PPE, including a gown, mask, double gloves, and a face shield.

Upon arrival, please remain in your car and call the pharmacy at (330) 929-9183 or text us at (330) 778-4426 to initiate the testing process. We ask that you wear a face mask throughout the process until our staff is ready to conduct the swab.

Currently, we have the ability to bill testing collection for Ohio Medicaid and the managed care organizations associated with Ohio Medicaid (Buckeye, Molina, and Paramount). For patients without Medicaid, the cost for the test is $25 and patients will not receive a bill from the processing lab. An insurance card must be presented at the time of the test.

If you are seeking a COVID-19 test, we encourage you to set up an appointment here.

Our mission has always been to provide exceptional healthcare services for our community. We’re pleased to offer COVID-19 testing services and will continue to seek new, innovative ways to serve our friends, family, and community.

Give our pharmacists a call at (330) 929-9183 for more information. Let’s talk!

Have questions? Check out our Coronavirus FAQ:

Do you know how to protect yourself and others from the Coronavirus?

While there are currently no vaccines to prevent COVID-19, there are many ways you can help prevent catching it or spreading it onto others.

  • Wash your hands often. This means washing your hands anytime you come home, after using a public or private restroom, and even before preparing food. Hand washing is the #1 way to prevent falling ill from COVID-19.
  • Maintain a social distance. When in public, stay a minimum of six feet away from those around you. Obey directional arrows at grocery stores and only take disinfected carts from corrals. Even if you are at home, you should maintain distance from family members, housemates, and guests, especially from those who are ill.
  • Wear a mask. You can spread COVID-19 to family and friends even if you do not feel sick. Wearing a mask prevents particles from your nose and mouth from flying into the air and coming into contact with others. While a mask will not prevent you from getting the Coronavirus, it can help prevent you from giving it to others. Do not pull your mask down to sneeze or cough. After sneezing or coughing, change out your mask as soon as possible.
  • Clean commonly touched surfaces. Disinfecting your steering wheel, phone, wallet or purse, computer, door handles, and kitchen counters regularly can help kill germs, including the Coronavirus.

Who should get tested for the Coronavirus at Klein’s Pharmacy?

Our tests are available to the public even without a doctor’s order. You should consider getting a test if you:

  • Recently traveled out of the country or to another state
  • Came into close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days
  • Are feeling ill, have a fever of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, difficulty breathing, or cannot taste food or beverages
  • Are immunocompromised or 65 years or older and believe that you were exposed to the Coronavirus

What should I do before getting tested for COVID-19?

Before coming to Klein’s Pharmacy for your COVID-19 test, you should take your temperature and gather your photo ID, insurance card, and face mask to bring with you to the pharmacy. In addition, we advise you to self-isolate from the time you take your test until the time you receive a negative result. For this reason, you should also complete any essential errands, such as grocery shopping before taking your test.

Our COVID-19 Bundle is the perfect solution to have the appropriate items on-hand for comfortable self-isolation. Purchase Acetaminophen, Robitussin DM, masks, hand sanitizer, and Airborne Gummies at the Pharmacy in one convenient package. Priced at just $25, this bundle is 25% off regular retail price. Ask your pharmacist for more information when you receive your COVID-19 test at Klein’s.

Click here if you’re ready to sign up for a COVID-19 test at Klein’s Pharmacy.

What should I do after I get tested for the Coronavirus?

After finishing your COVID-19 test, you should self-isolate at home until your result comes in. Our Klein’s Pharmacy staff will share your results with you 3-5 business days after submitting your test for processing. If your test is positive, the Summit County Health Department will contact you; additionally, you should continue self-isolating and contact your physician. If your test is negative, you can stop self-isolating but should continue to wear a mask, social distance, and adhere to CDC guidelines.